Wedding Weather Woes

Wedding Weather Obsession
February 13, 2018

We all have them – the story about how the weather turned evil on one event or another. I put the question out there to one of our national facebook groups and received quite a few stories. There are a lot of factors to take into account when it comes to planning outdoor components of a wedding, or any event. How rainy of a season has it been? Is the pattern calming or energizing? These are all things we can see about 2 weeks ahead of time – making that personalized forecast all the more important as you close in on the Big Day.

Erin Jane Spinner, a wedding planner in Vermont, had her own wedding scheduled on July 1, 2017. Many of you in Maine remember this was our major tornado outbreak. Here’s her story, and also the story of our feature picture, taken by Meagan Emilia Photography.

“The clear top tent we had next to the lake with our dance floor in it was under water and we wouldn’t be able to use it. Our dinner tent would now have a complete floor installed as the grass was utter mush and the fireworks were probably not going to be shot off during our wedding reception… We had an amazing time at our rehearsal dinner, partied until late into the evening. I woke up to rain, but it didn’t bother me. I was super calm and soaked {literally} every minute of the day in! During cocktail hour when I was told we’d be doing our first dance in the dinner tent…amongst all the tables…I pulled an audible and said, “nope! Let’s introduce everyone here and we’ll dance in the rain!” The day loosely resembled the plan we had for 15 months. We had to move dining tables to make room for a dance floor…but people didn’t leave that dance floor until the lights came on. It was THE best day ever and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Kellie Dabb of Ohio, a pro in the wedding industry who now helps wedding businesses get up and rolling, shared this story post Hurricane Irene.

“I once had a wedding the weekend after Hurricane Irene. My home, the clients home, and the venue were out of power. Which meant no kitchen useage etc. We had to borrow plates and cups from another venue. We called in generators, called the DJ to get generators, moved some of the activities outdoors and for a hot minute looks at other venues to see if we could move the event… I spent the last 2 weeks planning the event 45 minutes away at my parents house because I didn’t have power. The event went off without a hitch and it was one of my better weddings… alebit a little warm in the venue by the end of the night… everyone still has a blast.”

Alessandra Caple of New Jersey, a wedding videographer, had a close call with her wedding as well, in Hawai’i.

“While prepping for our wedding in Hawai’i we had FOUR potential hurricanes hitting the island while we were there. Omg. We had three days to decide whether (Weather) we wanted a tent or not. We got the tent, but it had a gorgeous chandelier so it was still beautiful!”

Stories from all over the United States of how weather impacted their or their clients most important day. All of these weddings took their own personal turns which made them wonderful and memorable in their own way. While WhiteGold Wedding Forecasts cannot change the weather forecast, we can talk about what’s coming and prepare you or your clients with the most precise information. Whether we’re dodging a hurricane or a thunderstorm, deciding on a tent, a heater, or snow boots, know that you’ll have the accuracy you need when it matters most.

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